I was born in Vienna in 1985 and found my passion for animation and CGI after watching the "1990 Prix Ars Electronica." I started experimenting with stop-motion animation and early versions of Cinema 4D and went on to study at FH-St.Pölten. After quitting my studies, I started to do animation at Tunnel23, at a Viennese advertising agency, became an Art Director, and eventually the Head of Animation. I worked with my animation team on multiple award-winning campaigns for top-tier clients such as T-Mobile, Mazda, Ikea, Opel, Hornbach and Jacques Lemans. Even after 15 years in the industry, I maintain my love for art and personal projects, continuously creating, learning, and perfecting my craft. In addition, I collaborate with my parents, Eva T. Bortnyik and Csaba Tubak, two contemporary light artists with work spanning half a century, to produce light installations that are exhibited in galleries throughout Europe. My insatiable curiosity for art, technology, and storytelling is only surpassed by my passion for creating worlds.
The collection showcased under "Personal PROJECTS" reflects my journey of artistic experimentation and collaboration. Each work represents a deeply personal interpretation of what art means to me. I hope that they may resonate with you in some meaningful way.
Although working at an advertising agency for more than 15 Years now, only a few select commercial projects are featured here under the section "COMMERCIAL WORK".

For more Information feel free to contact me.
adamtubak.com  ​​​​​​​
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