Billa Bauerntag 
We wanted to show how much time, love, and hard work our farmers invest in their products. To do this, we made the Farmers' Day experience available in a Sitebar.

For this purpose, we filmed the daily routines of selected farmers and integrated the scenes into a dynamic advertising medium. Depending on the time, the user was shown the video that corresponded to that time of day. For example, it was off to the field in the early morning, into the barn at noon, and to the harvest in the evening. If the user wanted to learn more about the day, they could use a slider in the sidebar to jump to different times of the day. With the help of this interactive real-time advertising medium, we offered users an authentic insight into the lives of our farmers.

As the Head of Animation and AD, I was responsible for the concept of the Interaction and the animation.

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